Become. Your. Own. Hero.

Remarkable life stories of ordinary people. 

Hosted by Veronika Abrams


Do YOU have a Hero Story?

Your story is powerful. The things you believe disqualify you, are often the things that give you authority. As much as people's "highlight reel" inspire others, it's our hurts and struggles that we relate to. You can use YOUR Hero Story to inspire and encourage others.



Veronika Abrams is multi-business owner as well as a confidence and transformation coach. Her background is in bio and genetics, and she is passionate about translating scientific and business principles into self-development practices. Veronika believes that personal development doesn't have to be complicated, but through intentional action and consistency, everyone can transform their life. Having personally overcome depression, anxiety, alcohol & drug addiction, as well as a broken heart, Veronika committed to helping others through their own transformation journey. Her passion is to see people discover their highest potential and live their limitless story.  

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