If You're still asking Yourself "Who Am I?" or "What is my Purpose?" then I've got you Boo.

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90 Days of Strategy

Personalized 1:1 coaching and support for 3 months. Real strategy for lasting change and tangible results.

Self Esteem & Confidence

Full access to the Personal Identity Curriculum. We will tackle self-esteem, foundational values, passions, and purpose. 

Mindset Shifts

Exercises to train your mind just as you would train your body. Develop habits and rituals to support an abundant mindset.

What Others are saying

Hello, I'm Veronika! I'm a life coach and Confidence Academy developed from my personal journey to discover my own Identity. After bottoming out emotionally and spiritually at 30, I went through a process of self discovery.  

In 12 months I recovered from...  

Depression Anxiety Alcohol Addiction Drug Dependency Low Self-Esteem  

I want to do for you in 90 days what took me 12 months. I will guide in discovering your true identity and living that authentic identity with confidence. A life of purpose and fulfillment starts from first and foremost, knowing yourself.

Does any of this sound like YOU?

  •  You care for people deeply, but you find your own needs are often left unmet.
  •  You're constantly comparing yourself to others, and feel that you fall short in various ways.
  •  You have a desire for self improvement, but feel overwhelmed by what to tackle first.
  •  You've attempted specific personal goals, but you haven't been able to sustain the progress.
  •  In romantic relationships you find that you always choose the wrong person.
  •  You have big dreams, but they feel impossible to reach.
  •  You want a life of passion, but the uncertainty within risk scares you.
  •  You struggle with keeping healthy boundaries and saying "NO".
  •  You're not convinced you're on the right tragectory for the life you want.
  •  You're ready to fully step into living YOUR authentic life, and do so with confidence.

What's Different about C.A.?

The Confidence Curriculum

Module 1: Foundations  

Week 1: Forgiveness  

You can't move ahead in life if something or someone has you chained to your past. Now is the time to free yourself.  

Week 2: Intrinsic Value  

What determines your worth and how does that relate to how others or society values you? How do you know you're worthy of love is you don't feel loved by others?  

Week 3: Core Values  

What's YOUR "True North"? You can't be sure you're on the right track if you don't know what's most important to you. What will be your grounding life principles?  

Week 4: Core Beliefs  

We'll tackle limiting beliefs that are in conflict with your values. Internal conflict manifests externally. Where are the disconnects? Those disconnects are the reason you want one thing, but you see other things manifest in your life.

Module 2: Impact  

Week 5: Purpose  

How do you know what your purpose is in life? How can you confidently know that you are doing the right thing? We'll discuss what it means to live a purpose-filled life.  

Week 6: Passion  

What lights you up? What makes you wake up every morning excited to face the day? Are there things that have been buried desires in your heart that you've dismissed for far too long?  

Week 7: Personality  

What part does personality play in your identity and purpose? Are some things just not for you because they aren't part of your primary nature?  

Week 8: Skills  

Is your current skill set in alignment with what your need to live a purpose filled life? What should you prioritize to learn that will benefit you most?

Module 3: Strategy  

Week 9: Discipline  

How can you strategically create a disciplined mindset and habits that last? You'll learn how to break goals down in order to establish those habits that are sustainable over the long term.  

Week 10: Motivation  

How do you stay or become motivated and what part does that play in achieving your goals? You'll learn ways to "hack" your mindset and keep you on track with your goals.  

Week 11: Visualization  

If you don't see it, you'll never have it. How can we put those dreams at the forefront of our mind and utilize tunnel vision to get there.  

Week 12: Environment  

Structuring your environment to support your vision is of paramount importance in helping achieve your goals. The energy audit will help you see if your environment is helping you keep foreward momentum or if you're being held back.

Your journey starts now. Don't wait to live your authentic life. I will partner with you, and be your biggest cheerleader. You've got me in your corner. Join the L.A.A. community today.